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Past news releases - Communiqués passés

Man-made disaster in Dalit colonies of Dharmapuri district


Tiruvannamalai, 14th November 2012


Dear Sir, Dear Madem,


Greetings, please find below the report of the Violence Against Dalits in Dharmapuri District on 7th November 2012. The affected people are living without any assets, so POPE is planning to involve in Relief process for this helpless people by the means of cloths, mats, school bags, notebooks, cooking vessels etc.


I am requesting your mercy for these affected Dalits.


Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,




Dharmapuri district disaster 14 11 2012
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Une catastrophe humaine parmi la colonie dalit dans la région de Dharmapuri

Tiruvannamalai, le 14 novembre 2012



Mesdames, Messieurs,


Veuillez trouver ci-dessous notre rapport concernant les violences à l'encontre des Dalits dans le district de Dharmapuri le 7 novembre 2012. Les personnes touchées ont perdu tous leurs biens, ainsi POPE prévoit de se porter au secours de ces pauvres gens en leur procurant des vêtements, des nattes, des cartables, des cahiers, des ustensiles de cuisine, etc.


Je demande votre aide pour ces Dalits affectés.


En vous remerciant,

Très sincérement.




Président - POPE


Dharmapuri district disaster 14 11 2012
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The south-east of India is hit by Cyclone Nilam


Le cyclone Nilam a frappé la côte Est de l'Inde 



Wednesday 31st October 2012


We have very strong rain since yesterday, we had a big storm and cyclone formed in Bay of Bengal near Chennai. The Governments of Tamilnadu and Pondicherry announced the Government Holiday today. The Cyclone hit severely the Northern districts of Tamilnadu and also Pondicherry. It starts to move from sea at 4.30 pm and we are having big storm and rain, the losses in the coastal belt are not yet calculated. The both state Governments announced one day more holiday for the Educational Institutions and Colleges.



Mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Il pleut très fort depuis hier, nous avons eu une grosse tempête et un cyclone s'est formé dans la baie du Bengale près de Madras. Les gouvernements du Tamil Nadu et de Pondichéry ont annoncé que les élèves seront en vacances aujourd'hui. Le cyclone a frappé durement les régions du nord du Tamil Nadu et de Pondichéry également. Il a commencé à se déplacer vers 16 heures 30, nous avons de gros orages et de grosses pluies, les pertes sur la côte ne sont pas encore évaluées. Les gouvernements des 2 Etats ont annoncé un jour de fermeture supplémentaire de tous les établissements scolaires.

RL Rosario
Directeur de POPE




Friday 9th November 2012


Fortunately the Nilam Storm has not affected to much the Tamil Nadu but it destroyed few places in Andhra Pradesh.


The cyclone killed eight people in Tamil Nadu and three in Andhra Pradesh. It also destroyed more than 200 electric posts and about 100 trees were uprooted in Chennai. About 3,800 people have been evacuated in Mahaballipuram.


Chennai Law colleges exam has been postponed.




Vendredi 9 novembre 2012


Heureusement, Nilam n'a pas trop touché le Tamil Nadudu mais il a détruit des centaines de maisons ainsi que des centaines d'hectares de champs de coton ou de riz en Andhra Pradesh.


Le cyclone a tué huit personnes dans le Tamil Nadu et trois dans l'Andhra Pradesh. Il a également détruit plus de 200 poteaux électriques et environ 100 arbres ont été déracinés à Madras. Environ 3.800 personnes ont été évacuées à Mahaballipuram.


Les étudiants en droit de Madras ont vu leurs examens reportés.


RL Rosario

Director POPE


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Chennai, today!

When you sponsor a child,

you give him a chance of a better future. 

Sponsorship of children

Building on its rich architectural, religious, cultural and artistic, India has built over millennia and is now a major player in information technology, biotechnology, chemistry and film.


But India has great social and economic inequities that marginalize and impoverish more fragile rural areas. Moreover, the traditions promote a severe discrimination against girls and women.


The goal is not to make these children young graduates hurry to find a job in town, but rather to enable them, with a good basic education, to stay in their village and become farmers, craftsmen or merchants able to develop their standard of living and their community. Of course if some want to become a doctor, a nurse, a teacher, a lawyer, an engineer POPE will provide school grants.


The child sponsorship programmes

35 boys are sponsored at Thallakulam center. It’s a collective sponsorship. (Cost: 30 euros per month). These children have the background of,

  • Orphan / semi orphan
  • Working children / child labourers
  • Drop outs from the schools
  • Children of divorced parents and deserted parents
  • Children with low scholastic records and under privileged children due to various other family situations / broken families.


The sponsorship allows offering to these children:

  • Free residence
  • Free Nutritive meals (3 times a day)
  • Health care and periodical health check up
  • Encouraging the children into difficult talents / skill development.
  • Educational tuition at centre
  • Care, counseling and parenting provided by a housefather.
  • Free dress/ bags / baggages.
  • Free books
  • Payment of school fee / sports fee etc.


POPE turns particularly one’s attention to:

  • Social development
  • Educational development
  • Physical development.
  • Spiritual development
  • Ecological / environmental development.
  • Mental development
  • Life coping skill
  • General awareness development.

Due to the visits of different guests and partners, the children can be aware of different languages and cultures. They discover a piece of world.


37 boys and girls are sponsored into Suvasam center, Thurinjapuram block, Kilpennathur block and Tiruvannamalai block, 8 in tsunami area. (Cost: 30 euros/month).


At the beginning of term, R.L. Rosario meets all the children and their parents. He insists into the advantages and the importance of study at school and at home. POPE provides all the students school fees, admission fees for those who joined in new schools (directly to the school), note books, 1 set of uniform and other educational equipments, hostel fees to those residing in the hostel.


If necessary, the student can benefit of evening-school or coaching training in a specific subject.


POPE sends twice a year a report on the child (the marks, examinations results, heath state, child and family news).


The children send one or two letters with drawings per year to the sponsor through the association.